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Attainment in 2014-15

Trimdon Grange Pupil Attainment data for 2014-15 has now been published.


End Of School (Year 2)


Our Year 2 Average Point Score for Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined is 17.5, which  is statistically significantly above the 2014 National Average Point Score of 15.9. Attainment in Reading and Writing was slightly stronger than attainment in Mathematics but in all three subjects the school performed better than the national picture.


There was no gap between the attainment of disadvantaged pupils at Trimdon Grange and the attainment of other pupils nationally.



Phonics Skills (Year 1)


81% of pupils met the required standard in the national Phonics Screening test.

This is higher than the National Mean.

80%  of disadvantaged children met the required standard and 81% of other children met the standard


Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)


76% of children achieved the Good Level Of Development in the three prime areas and mathematics and literacy combined. This is higher than the National Mean.

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