Here are a selection of websites that have educational games and activities suitable for children in Nursery and Reception.

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Lots of fantastic games to play for Maths, Reading and Writing (Phonics) and other subjects.


We change these games frequently, so check back regularly for new things to learn and do!


We have played some of these games at school in group times so children may be familiar with them. In Reception we call them "the folders" games.

Lots of fun with Pudsey Bear! These maths games have a variety of themes such as telling the time, money, addition and subtraction.

We love these money games. They're good practise for learning about counting coins of either all the same value or mixed values. They go up quite hard!!

Rabbit Takeaway, a free online game to practice subtraction. It has an easy level and a harder level!

Cbeebies have helpfully made a new programme called Stargazing to match our Space theme! It has some fantastic fun clips to watch, things to do, and songs to sing.

We have been exploring our solar system using this online model. It is fascinating!

We have been having so much fun this year reading Julia Donaldson stories. Check out this new website with lots of fun things to do. 

We have been reading, listening to, and acting out Jack and The Beanstalk. It's been so much fun! This is our favourite version.

Dragon Game to practise reading words. Catch the word if it is real. If it is not real then fly through the arch.

Starfall has a game for every letter of the alphabet.

Fantastic simple site helps you practise letter formation at home on the computer.

Phoneme Pop is a really fun game to practise recognising and remembering the letters and their sound. Phoneme means letter sound.

You can choose the set of letters to try and shoot. Watch out for the UFO!

Teddy Numbers

Teddy Numbers.

This game is great for learning to recognise numbers, and count too.

Teddy needs some cakes and you drag the number of cakes to him for him to eat. 

10 Little Numbers.wmv
Windows Media video format [18.9 MB]
Whatcha' Gonna' Do (Count by 2's, 5's[...]
Windows Media video format [27.4 MB]
Doubles! Doubles! (I Can Add Doubles) so[...]
Windows Media video format [13.4 MB]

They can be used to support or build upon the skills the children are learning in school.

Try this new game! It's a bit like the old fashioned game "hangman" but instead if you don't guess the word correctly then the sharks will get the duck!!

Great for practicing letter recognition.

Do you find your child is getting confused when reading or writing b d or p? This game gets them to sort these letters into bowls so they have to practise looking really carefully at the letters to tell them apart.

cBeebies ~ Supports children with letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, and story telling. Lots of really fun games.

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year. This website has some interesting facts and information about how this special time is celebrated, along with a video of the Lion and Dragon dances.

Poisson Rouge ~ Supports children with letters, numbers, shape, science, art and imagination.
BBC Schools Early Years ~ Supports children in all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

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