When You Are On-Line

We want you to stay safe on line.


To learn more about staying safe on the internet follow the link below:-






 Parents might find the link below useful too.



When You Are At Home Or Out And About

We want you to stay safe in your house and garden,  when you are playing out and on trips and outings.


Click on the link below for some vital tips and hints.



If You Are Worried About A Child

You may telephone Lyndsey Atkinson our school nurse on any medical matter.


The telephone number is available from The School Office.


Lyndsey also runs a Drop In Clinic at Trimdon Junior School every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Ask for directions at the Trimdon Junior School Office.





Child Protection concerns can be raised in the first instance with The Headteacher who is the Designated Officer for Child Protection. The Assistant Headteacher will listen to your concern in her absence and take appropriate action. Other agencies may be involved if necessary.


Click on the link below for further information and advice.